Quality always comes first

2019.01.23 17:11Writer:BesseronWatching(0)

        In June 2012,Darice,an famous American company,signed a new contract with our company.50,000pcs of women fashion wristwatches,amount is approximately equal to  160,000USD.
        They are big company,have standard operating procedures,very strict and detail-oriented.We just need to strictly follow their requirement to proceed the production in the past.

        But this time,when we got the original sample,we found there was a hidden defect in the product design technology.The sample was adopted a moulding-die technology which is uncontrolled.Rough workmanship is easy to cause the chain and screw cap unmatched.If we follow this sample to produce mass production,the defective rate will be definitely very high.
        Not only will increase the cost,but also will affect the delivery time.These products will bring customer immeasurable loss on both reputation and property.
        Our company convened a meeting of the relevant departments to discuss this issue immediately.Finally we decided to use Lathe machining process for instead.So that the finished products can be more exquisite and the chain can match the screw cap very well. However when we explained to the customer,they could not accept and insisted on making sample in compliance with their original sample.So we made contrastive samples and more specific explanation to customer. Eventually,the customer took our advice.
        After the customer received all the products and checked them all,they highly appreciated us.Due to our professional and responsible working attitude, help the customer avoiding a big loss.Thus we gained much more trust from this customer.
        Our company always put the quality on 1st place.And response for customers.We offer very good service,not only customize as requirement,but also provide proper suggestions.