After Service

2019.01.23 17:06Writer:BesseronWatching(0)

       British AB watch company, starting cooperation with our company from 2013, we keep a good cooperation because our company can provide good quality products on time, the customer purchases a number of watches from our company every two to three months.
        June 2014, AB company once again to purchase a number of watches, a total of 12,000pcs, based on the term of FOB Shenzhen, the lead time is 30 days, shipping by sea. On the delivery date, a 20-foot container came to our factory, our goods was loaded together with other three suppliers of this customer’s, we are the third supplier to load. We loaded 12,000pcs, total 120 cartons goods into the container, the customer can receive the goods in a month later.
        On August 16, 2014, our company received an email from AB company which informing that the goods have been received, but most of the outside packaging and inner box have been destroyed, the customer also showed some pictures of damaged packaging. After getting the email, we paid much attention to it and gave customer a reply that we will check out the reason and give them a reply as soon as possible. Because this container meet custom-checking, we thought the goods maybe become wet when loading and unloading, but we find the weather is sunny on that day, it is no possible to wet the goods. Then we carefully reviewed the pictures of damaged packaging,we found some goods are in wooden packaging and the wood is wet. We asked the customer about it and they told us the wooden packaging goods are belong to the fourth supplier. We recalled that the day loading with light rain, there is a canopy outside our warehouse, so it is security when loading in case of rainy. We contacted the fourth supplier, they told us that the wooden packaging have been a little humid, but not very wet, they think it does not matter so loading up, but wet wood will make water vapor in closed evaporation inside the container and then wet the nearby packaging of ours. our company shall not be liable. But taking into account the client side there is no packaging materials, wet packaging will affect sales of watches. Taking the benefit of our customers in account, we asked the customer to provide a list of damaged packaging, and immediately arrange the purchase of new packaging materials to provide to the customer free of charge. Fortunately, the Customers just have another shipment which will be loaded 9 days later, we sent the new packaging material to the other company for a loading to the customer.
        The customer got the new packaging materials a month later , the accident has not been a big impact for the sales of those watches.So, the customer expressed heartfelt thanks to us, they praised our after sales service has been very good , and they will be happy to do more and deeper business with us.