Details Determine Success or Failure

2019.01.23 17:32Writer:BesseronWatching(0)

        In June 2015, the famous company of “USA Forever21” starts to select watch suppliers. Due to we have much experience of serving big customers and many good quality parts factories. After more than two months of quotation and making sample, we got a big order of 50 thousand pieces(3 models). 
        It was a day before Mid-autumn and National Day when the order was placed. Our factory was very busy during that time.The required delivery time was only 30 days which is in deed a bit tight.As required,each watch must be prepacked in a single gift box. But many details of the gift box the customer still not confirmed to us when the watch production begun. So we had to go on checking the details with customer.And arrange production as soon as confirmed all the details.
        We all know that details determine success or failure. As long as we promised,we must finish this order on time. 50 thousand of gift boxes were finally finished as customer’s requirement. It took just 10 days.
        But when packing the watches,we found the gift box is a bit too big.Too much space for the watch that would cause a damage. So we rechecked its size, but it is the same as required. By now,we have no time to remake . We reported this issue to the customer,but they suggested to do drop test first for 5 cartons. The main cartons are made of 2.2cm thick foam carton and 5-ply corrugated carton. It should be good enough for protecting the watches. However, as a result of the testing, 5% watches were damaged . That means 30 thousand pieces of that model would have 1500pcs or more been damaged(shipping is uncontrollable) .The loss would be more than 15 thousand USD.
        In view of that,our company had a meeting to discuss.Finally, we decided to put a small plastic pinhead into the gift box to protect the watch from being damaged. So that we can meet the lead time, what’s more,the shipping cost would not increase too much( the pinhead is very light). When all goods arrived ,they were intact. Our customer was very satisfied with our careful consideration and appreciated our professional team. 
       We always think of the feasibility of packing and provide the best packing method for every customer. Our professional service saved customer’s loss and won their trust absolutely.